Krav Maga Training – 3 DVD Set

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ARCS Krav Maga:

  • A modern reality-based method of training
  • Reflex based combatives – bridge the gap between your instinctual reflex reactions and the brutally efficientcombatives techniques
  • Prepares you for any violent encounter
  • Simple techniques anyone can learn
  • Hand-to-hand method of choice for elite military and law enforcement officers
  • Teach you how to instantly stop any attacker
  • Double, even triple the power of your punches so you hit like a sledgehammer
  • So brutal the Deputy U.S. Marshals can’t use these techniques
  • Young or Old, Big or Small, Krav Maga techniques that will work for you

Most Recent Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic information on how and why to prepare yourself for….

    a violent attack! Jeremy teaches not only the technique, but the mindset needed to win against an attacker…Read More

    Published 22 days ago by Dallas Caine

  • Harold Head’s ARCS Review…

    Great DVDs. Very informative. Great tool to someone who has skills and wants to learn about a subject, but does not have the time to go to a class. Great videos, well produced…Read More

    Published 26 days ago by Harold G. Head

  • Great Start for those wantin to learn Krav Maga…

    Good beginner video series. Instruction is thorough and easy to understand. The DVD led me to their online training which is a really awesome selection of training video plus…Read More

    Published 1 month ago by Dr. Robert B. Hancock

  • Had to write in. The Krav Maga DVD surpassed my expectations…

    I was not sure self-defense training would translate from a DVD to real life. But Jeremy’s step by step instruction was easy to follow and apply. The videos showed the moves and techniques and how leverage works…Read More

    Published 1 month ago by John L.


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